General conditions

Introductory provisions

1. Music portal MUSIC ZONE is a public internet portal that provides various free services to individuals or legal entities (the user).

2. Services on the MUSIC ZONE Music Portal are provided free of charge for commercial and non-commercial services unless otherwise stated.

User registration

1. User registration on the MUSIC ZONE Music Portal is not required. By registering, the user has access to adding their own articles of reviews and reviews.

2. We will not, in any event, provide the information you provide when registering with third parties

Cancel registration

The registration can be canceled by the user himself. MUSIC ZONE music portal will cancel the registration only in case of inappropriate behavior and violation of the following rules:
  1. We will not add posts that contain vulgarisms and other inappropriate words.
  2. I will not add any racist or hateful posts.
  3. We will not add posts that violate the laws, laws and regulations of the Slovak Republic.
  4. MUSIC ZONE Music Portal reserves the right to delete such posts without notice and to cancel the user’s registration.


  1. The user agrees that he will do nothing to remove or prevent the ad from displaying on the MUSIC ZONE Music Portal.
  2. The user also agrees that the ad will be displayed on the MUSIC ZONE music portal.


The MUSIC ZONE Music Portal displays Google AdSense ads provided by third-party companies. These companies may use your data (but never the name, address, email address, and phone number) for your visits to these or other websites to provide ads for the goods and services you are interested in.

Google (as a vendor) uses cookies to serve ads. With Google’s DART cookie, Google can show ads to users based on their visits to websites on the Internet.

The DoubleClick DART cookie is used by Google in ads served on publisher sites displaying AdSense for content ads. When a user visits an AdSense publisher’s website and signs or clicks on an ad, a cookie may be sent to this end user’s browser. The data gathered from these cookies allows AdSense publishers to better serve and manage ads on their sites across the Internet.

An operator who displays a Google Adsense ad on their site does not have anything to do with this. Google is fully responsible for collecting information.

If you do not want this data collected for you, you can disable cookies or disable JavaScript in your browser.

Thank you for understanding.